My name is Matus
we believe in fullstack teams that understand their products with a "frequent release/quick change" approach. What are your beliefs ?
Building great products starts with three things - vision, a great team and optimal working conditions. We are doing our best to continually make improvements in all domains. From product teams, active stakeholder and product owner involvement, test automation through to deployment for multiple Envs at the click of the button.
Setting up the right relationship with a stakeholder is crucial but doable. Your stakeholder should be your partner in crime, not your enemy. Only through prospering partnership can great things happen.
Thanks to the vertical teams, we are able to effectively discuss wireframes, designs and actual implementation as one whole team. No difficult handoffs anymore.
Having product owner and domain specialists across the room offers us fast feedback loops so we can deliver higher quality products in a shorter amount of time.
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The Leveris developer team is a hub of geeks, creative wizards and all around crafty human beings.
We look for drive, followed by talent and skill, and settle for nothing less.
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